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A little about me. I'm Old School of course, I started as a player in the early 80's. Started DM'ing in the late 80's. Took a little over a decade break due to life. I ran a two year campaign that averaged 8-10 players that consisted of 6 core and the rest revolving. We maxed out a number of times at 18 players and it was a blast. I don't do one shot book campaigns. I have a mostly fleshed out World that has become so much more diverse with all the new content I have gleaned from the 9 or so source books I have for 5E and a computer to store and organize my thoughts and information on. I am all about the story and its players. Once we start our Campaign, together we will build and change the world. When I come to the table for the first meeting I will already have a large number of hooks and paths for you to choose from through roleplaying your characters and most you probably won't even realize are there. I don't believe in saying ok we are doing The Demon Web pits today let's start. I believe in starting in the world, interacting with it and the players making their own way based on events and information they gather. I want you to decide who to help, save, rob or remove from power, should you slay a monster or chase it away, for example. Also your characters are integral to the world and its story so EVERYONES background will have influence and everyone will shine. I'm new to Roll20 so bare with me, I probably won't have all the macros I want ready at first but I am learning quickly.

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