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t Member since 04/29/15 \/ G GM of 2 games \/ 3947 Hours Played \/ 220 Forum Posts

Why should you choose me as your player?

I love to be a player, I'm reliable, I speak and comprehend English at an almost fluent level and I know how to RP a character having played for more than 23 years, I don't care if I have to build a character from scratch or play one the DM/GM gives me, I can handle basically anything thrown my way, as long as it's self-consistent.

If I post an application for your game, please know that I always write it from scratch every time, that I've put time, thought and effort into it and last but not least; that it's just a base layer to show that I have an idea for a character to play. If you would like to hear more or give me a chance even, I'm never more than a PM away and I respond to everything I sent my way.

For me RPG is not just a game, it's a way of making new friends, a way of creating a cool and funny story with some fully amazing people.. But above all else.. To me RPG is a way of life and has been ever since my older brother introduced it to me more than two decades past :D

I play all but miniature RPG (as far as I know..) and most of these I do on an at least tri-weekly basis (LARP is 6 hours every third Saturday year-round, still the RPG-type I play the least amount of hours a year), I also do PbPRPG, Crawls, NOTE-RPG and more. I've played all D&D generations starting with the Red- and later the Blue Book for the first 2 years before moving up to AD&D. I tried Pathfinder, but it didn't really do it for me..

As a player I enjoy talking with the party and the NPC's in the world, learning about the small details that make the world a living place. Battles for me, are just something that needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible as it (for me) is a tool to advance the plot and the story. If I have to fight too often I will more than likely get bored, as it for me should be a game about a rich story and the people inhabiting the world.

I do prefer playing with actual maps and dynamic lighting, having used these things to great effect for years myself, and having had a DM who also makes his own maps (This DM in question currently runs a D&D 5e Campaign with a high fantasy pirate setting for me and 5 others, and have been a continuous weekly campaign since September 21'st 2017, we all got to level 20 on January 12'th 2021; yet the game just keeps going).
If you as a DM are not comfortable making your own maps, I have literally hundreds of maps that I can and will share with you, should you want it, I will even go as far as offer to make something specially for your campaign.
(I might make something anyway, and then just 'toss' it at you, giving the option for you to use or discard it.. Sorry if it seems annoying.. But it's just me being really involved with your game, so please take it as a compliment)

Still not convinced? Send a PM my way, I'm never too far from Roll20 and will likely respond within 10 hours no matter when you press send :)

LOCATION: Denmark (CEST / GMT+1)

Why should you choose me as your DM?

Experienced RPG enthusiast who DM epic-scaled self-written worlds.

As well as everything stated above, here's some more reasons...

In my spare time I'm into LARP, reenactment of the medieval period and PbPRPG, meaning that I'm good at thinking on my feet and know how to improvise when needed :)
- I've also taken several courses in acting and this as well I'm more than happy to bring to the game I run.! I always do the voices (or try to) of the NPC's when DM'ing which I believe enhances the immersion for all involved :)

When ever I am the DM, I only use the rulebooks for support, and make most of my rules myself (Rule of Fun/Rule of Cool/Wheatons Law combined with "Is this even possible??"). Are you a munchkin, Rule Lawyer or Murderhobo, my style of DM'ing is likely not for you, as I very much tend to make my games RPG- and Lore Heavy.
(Sidenote: If you don't like to read up on the world you live in, receive written descriptions when it's just meant for your character or when you attune to an item etc.. You will not enjoy my games, as I have a tendency to do what I can to make the world as fleshed out as possible, without going all Tolkien on my players)

I hope to be hearing from you sometime soon!

Best regards
Sebastian / Elvolganta

Happy gaming!

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