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Andrew L.

t Member since 01/02/13 \/ G GM of 7 games \/ 3898 Hours Played \/ 90 Forum Posts

I started playing my first RPG back in 2003, and have been playing ever since. I like to try out as many systems as possible, leaning towards light and medium crunch.

Settings I enjoy include western, noir, Norse, sci-fi, dark fantasy, and many others. While D&D 5e is not necessarily my favorite system, I play for the stories and friendships more than the game mechanics.

After running a homebrew 5e campaign for a year and a half, I have come to enjoy the process of weaving stories with multiple factions, alliances, and individuals with their own agendas. As a player, I enjoy problem solving, political intrigue, and large tactical battles.

Enjoys Playing
Apocalypse World System ( The Sprawl, Monster Hearts... ), D&D 3.5, D&D 5E, FATE ( Core, Accelerated, Dresden Files... ), Other Games, Savage Worlds ( Deadlands: Reloaded, Evernight... )