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t Member since 07/03/21 \/ G GM of 3 games \/ 24 Hours Played \/ 68 Forum Posts

I am the sole creator of New World Rising. This game is unlike all other RPGs in that the players control the direction of their adventure. Instead of a GM or DM, I am a referee and storyteller you run your own character. I am also a furry artist, and since joining this small portion of the population, am on a few websites as 'mericus'. Unfortunately, the website allowed a forum so my political views came out and my viewpoint which is based in the same way I created this game nearly total freedom, I have only two main rules. I put all forms of politics into the game, I put all forms of philosophy as well into the game, all types of combat systems, all types of creators, all types of evil, all types of criminals, all types of heroes and heroines, two hundred and fifty-seven base races, 20,000 years of history, Time travel, Dimension travel, space travel, as well as using both magic and technology - nine types of magic, six levels of technology.
I am myself a person that has multiple trades skills in building houses or buildings (30 of them), am a toolmaker machinist as well as a combination master welder and have 20 professions including foreclosure and loan origination - I was a loan officer in a mortgage company, then went into helping families out of foreclosure. This alone would qualify me for politics because we helped 2017 families out of foreclosure when all of our competition was in court for stealing people's homes.
I have an interest in just about everything, so I included as much as that into my RPG. The reason is not so much to make money off of my creation, but mostly to know that 300 years from now people will be enjoying themselves playing my creation.

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