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t Member since 01/12/13 \/ G GM of 51 games \/ 1791 Hours Played \/ 317 Forum Posts

Child of the Mid 80's.
She/Her (Because, yeah, Obi's normally a male-associated name....but I love Star Wars and Obi-Wan, and I played the shit out of SWG and SWTOR with characters named Obi, so. Yeah.)
Fan of BECMI D&D, WoD(VTM, VTR, WTA, Etc), Star Trek Adventures, SWd6, Cyberpunk.
I've been a DM since around 2000. Love a good story. Currently the Head DM/Admin of a Great West Marches Community.

If you are interested in joining, shoot me a PM!

Enjoys Playing
D&D 3.5, D&D 5E, Star Wars ( Edge of the Empire, SAGA... ), World of Darkness ( Vampire, Werewolf, Mage... )