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I prefer story over mechanics in a game. The crunch should be the engine that allows the story to happen and not vice versa.
Began RPGs with AD&D and D&D Basic. I have journeyed through many worlds using Rolemaster, Harnmaster, Shadowrun, Vampire the Masquerade, TORG, Palladium, Marvel Super Heroes, DC Heroes, Champions, G.U.R.P.S., Star Trek, Star Wars, Chill, Call of Cthulu, Runequest, Warhammer, AD&D 2nd ed, 3rd ed.D&D, 4th ed.D&D, and 5th ed,.D&D [Phew!]
I am interested in trying 13th Age, FATE, Dungeon World & Savage Worlds.

Enjoys Playing
AD&D ( 1st Edition and 2E ), Call of Cthulhu ( Any Edition ), D&D 4E, D&D 5E, Other Games, Warhammer ( Fantasy, 40k, Dark Heresy, etc )
Actively Seeking Group For
13th Age RPG, D&D 5E, FATE ( Core, Accelerated, Dresden Files, etc ), Hackmaster