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Blades in the Dark


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Coin and Stash

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Coin is an abstract measure of cash and liquid assets.

The few bits PCs use in their daily lives are not tracked. If a character wants to spend to achieve a small goal (bribe a doorman), use the PC's lifestyle quality for a Fortune Roll.

Monetary values

  • 1 coin: A full purse of silver pieces. A week's wages.
  • 2 coin: A fine weapon. A weekly income for a small business. A fine piece of art. A set of luxury clothes.
  • 4 coin: A satchel full of silver. A month's wages.
  • 6 coin: An exquisite jewel. A heavy burden of silver pieces.
  • 8 coin: A good monthly take for a small business. A small safe full of coins and valuables. A very rare luxury commodity.
  • 10 coin: Liquidating a significant asset—a carriage and goats, a horse, a deed to a small property.

More than 4coin is an impractical amount to keep lying around. You must spend the excess or put it in your stash (see below). A crew can also store 4 coin in their lair, by default. If they upgrade to a vault, they can expand their stores to 8 and then 16 coin. Any coin beyond their limit must be spent as soon as possible (typically before the next score) or distributed among the crew members.

One unit of coin in silver pieces or other bulk currency takes up one item slot for your load when carried.

Coin Use

  • Spend 1 coin to get an additional activity during Downtime.
  • Spend 1 coin to increase the result level of a Downtime activity roll.
  • Spend coin to avoid certain crew Entanglements.
  • Put coin in your character's stash to improve their lifestyle and circumstances when they retire. See the next section.
  • Spend coin when you advance your crew's Tier.

Stash & Retirement

When you mark your character's final Trauma and they retire, the amount of coin they've managed to stash away determines their fate. Your stash tracker is on your character sheet.

  • Stash 0-10: Poor soul. You end up in the gutter, awash in vice and misery.
  • Stash 11-20: Meager. A tiny hovel that you can call your own.
  • Stash 21-39: Modest. A simple home or apartment, with some small comforts. You might operate a tavern or small business.
  • Stash 40: Fine. A well-appointed home or apartment, claiming a few luxuries. You might operate a medium business.

In addition, each full row of stash (10 coins) indicates the quality level of the character's lifestyle, from zero (street life) to four (luxury).

Cross wants some alone-time with a prospective new friend, but he can't take them back to the hidden lair where he lives, so what to do? Ryan, Cross's player, says he wants to rent a nice room for the evening, so the GM asks for a Fortune Roll using Cross's lifestyle rating to see what quality of room Cross can manage.

Removing coin from your stash

If you want to pull coin out of your stash, you may do so, at a cost. Your character sells off some of their assets and investments in order to get some quick cash. For every 2 stash removed, you get 1 coin in cash.


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