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Mage's Magnificent Mansion

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You conjure up an extradimensional dwelling that has a single entrance on the plane from which the spell was cast. The entry point looks like a faint shimmering in the air that is 4 feet wide and 8 feet high. Only those you designate may enter the mansion, and the portal is shut and made invisible behind you when you enter. You may open it again from your own side at will. Once observers have passed beyond the entrance, they are in a magnificent foyer with numerous chambers beyond. The atmosphere is clean, fresh, and warm.

You can create any floor plan you desire to the limit of the spell's effect. The place is furnished and contains sufficient foodstuffs to serve a nine-course banquet to a dozen people per Caster Level. A staff of near-transparent servants (as many as two per caster level), liveried and obedient, wait upon all who enter.

The servants are mindless, and will Perform simple tasks at your Command. They can run and fetch things, open unstuck doors, and hold chairs, as well as clean and mend. A servant can Perform only one activity at a time, but will repeat the same activity over and over again if told to do so. A servant can open only normal doors, drawers, lids, and the like. Each servant has an effective Strength score of 2 (so it can lift 20 pounds or drag 100 pounds) and can trigger traps and such, but it can exert only 20 pounds of force, which is not enough to activate certain pressure plates and other devices. A servant can't Perform any task that requires a skill check with a DC higher than 10 or that requires a check using a skill that can't be used untrained. A servant cannot fly, climb, or even swim (though it can walk on water). A servant's base speed is 15 feet. The servants can go anywhere in the mansion.

A servant cannot attack in any way; it is never allowed an Attack Roll. It cannot be killed, but it dissipates if it takes 6 points of Damage from area attacks. (It gets no saves against attacks.) If you attempt to send a servant beyond the spell's range (measured from your current position), the servant ceases to exist.

Since the place can be entered only through its special portal, outside conditions do not affect the mansion, nor do conditions inside it pass to the plane beyond.


Casting Time
1 standard action
V, S, F (a miniature ivory door, a piece of polished marble, and a silver spoon, each worth 5 gp)
2 hours/level (D)
Extradimensional mansion, up to three 10-ft. cubes/level (S)
Sorcerer/wizard 7
Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Saving Throw
Conjuration (creation)
Spell Resistance
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