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Prying Eyes, Greater

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You create a number of semitangible, visible magical orbs (called “eyes”) equal to 1d4 + your Caster Level. These eyes move out, scout around, and return as you direct them when casting the spell. Each eye can see 120 feet in all directions.

The eyes can see all things as they actually are. The subject sees through normal and magical Darkness (they can navigate darkened areas at normal speed), notices secret doors hidden by magic, sees the exact locations of creatures or objects under blur or displacement effects, sees invisible creatures or objects normally, sees through illusions, and sees the True Form of polymorphed, changed, or transmuted things. Further, the subject can focus its Vision to see into the Ethereal Plane (but not into extradimensional spaces). The range of true seeing conferred is 120 feet.

True Seeing, however, does not penetrate solid objects. It in no way confers X-ray Vision or its equivalent. It does not negate Concealment, including that caused by fog and the like. True seeing does not help the viewer see through mundane disguises, spot creatures who are simply hiding, or notice secret doors hidden by mundane means. In addition, the spell effects cannot be further enhanced with known magic, so one cannot use true seeing through a crystal ball or in conjunction with clairaudience/clairvoyance.

While the individual eyes are quite fragile, they're small and difficult to spot. Each eye is a Fine Construct, about the size of a small apple, that has 1 hit point, AC 18 (+8 bonus for its size), flies at a speed of 30 feet with a +20 bonus on Fly Skill Checks and a +16 bonus on Stealth Skill Checks. It has a Perception modifier equal to your Caster Level (maximum +25) and is subject to illusions, Darkness, fog, and any other factors that affect your ability to receive visual information about your surroundings. An eye traveling in Darkness must find its way by touch.

When you create the eyes, you specify instructions you want them to follow in a Command of no more than 25 words. Any Knowledge you possess is known by the eyes as well.

In order to report their findings, the eyes must return to your hand. Each replays in your mind all it has seen during its existence. It takes an eye 1 round to replay 1 hour of recorded images. After relaying its findings, an eye disappears.

If an eye ever gets more than 1 mile away from you, it instantly ceases to exist. However, your link with the eye is such that you won't know if the eye was destroyed because it wandered out of range or because of some other event.

The eyes exist for up to 1 hour per Caster Level or until they return to you. Dispel magic can destroy eyes. Roll separately for each eye caught in an area dispel. Of course, if an eye is sent into Darkness, it could hit a wall or similar obstacle and destroy itself.


Casting Time
1 minute
V, S, M (a handful of crystal marbles)
1 hour/level; see text (D)
10 or more levitating eyes
Sorcerer/wizard 8
1 mile
Saving Throw
Spell Resistance
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