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[LFP] [5e] [PAID] [Experienced DM] [One Shot] Looking for players for "A Question of Ethics" - D&D 5e One Shot - Level 12 - Multiple dates and times this week!


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The town of Adurath burgeons with newcomers and locals filling the streets and the fairgrounds just north of town. Vendors sell colorful wooden toys and cloth streamers on sticks for children. Adults walk about with applewood roasted turkey drumsticks and oversized flagons of watery ale. Iced pears, candied apples, grilled vegetables and spiced beef on skewers, and small bags of heated chestnuts and endover seeds are all available for just a few coppers. Craftspeople from goldsmiths to glassblowers, tailors to coopers, cobblers to calligraphers display their wares in booths, from carts, or simply as they wander through the crowd. Minstrels, dancers, and gaudily dressed buffoons cavort and entertain the crowd, collecting a few coins for their talents.&nbsp; Most exciting, however, is the heavily promoted Arcane Challenge, where wizards and sorcerers test their magical skills in various contests to show both power and finesse. Everyone waits eagerly for it to start... A Question of Ethics is a 3.5 edition D&amp;D module from Wizards of the Coast that I've updated for 5th edition D&amp;D.&nbsp; This adventure is well balanced between combat, dungeon-crawling, and role-playing.&nbsp; This is a game for 4 players at level 12.&nbsp; We'll complete this adventure in a single session lasting approximately 4 hours.&nbsp; &nbsp; We'll be using a 27 point buy for stats.&nbsp; You can choose feats or ability score increase at higher levels.&nbsp; Players have starting class equipment, 2000 gp, and one uncommon magic item available to them.&nbsp; &nbsp;Player inventories will be subject to DM approval.&nbsp; Feel free to use any D&amp;D official source material, except "Ravnica", "Eberron", "Theros", "Wildemount", and Unearthed Arcana.&nbsp; Also, feel free to import your own character! We'll be playing this game on Roll20, but we'll use Discord for audio. Players will receive the Discord server link when the start time approaches. Please have your character sheet ready to go at the start time!&nbsp; We're playing at level 12, so it'll take a while to create your character! If you're interested in joining this game, please respond with: 1. Age 2. D&amp;D experience 3. Roll20 experience 4. Preferred character build, plus a backup If you have further questions or comments, please feel free to PM me! - Weaver Game Application Links: Friday 04/23, 1:30pm EDT Friday 04/23, 7:00pm EDT Saturday 04/24, 1:30pm EDT Saturday 04/24, 7:00pm EDT -&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp; (1 SPOT LEFT) This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $10 per player via Venmo or Patreon at the start of the session. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. This game contains royalty free music from&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> .
The Friday 1:30pm EDT game is now full and the Friday 7pm EDT game only has one spot left!&nbsp; The Saturday games are still open!&nbsp;&nbsp; Reserve your spot while you can!
Tomorrow afternoon's game is still open, and tomorrow night's game only has two spaces left!
Last chance to play A Question of Ethics &nbsp;tonight at 7pm EDT - there's 1 spot left!