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Lack of D&D content

I don't know where else to express my frustration as D&D doesn't have an official forums. My friends and I decided to make the leap into 5th edition, and we also decided to use Roll20 and pre-made adventures to save ourselves time. We finished  The Mines of Phandelver at level 5 and started looking for new content. From what I can see on the Marketplace, there are eleven (ELEVEN!!!) adventures made for 1st level characters and nowhere to go from there. Dungeon of the Mad Mage is made for 5th level but would be weird to jump into without having already completed Dragon Heist. Rise of Tiamat is too high and has the same problem anyway. There isn't anywhere to go from here organically without modifying a module. So we are stuck spending time converting one of the other adventures to 5th level or otherwise altering it to skip parts that are too low. I'm sure this won't be the end of the world, but it is completely contrary to our goal of using pre-made adventures to save time . To a cynical person, it would seem that WotC spent their efforts front-loading a ton of 1st level modules into Roll20 to get players hooked and then left them hanging. In short, manually modifying a bunch of "For levels 1-11" modules as characters advance is neither quick or easy - which is the point of buying pre-made modules in the first place.
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You don't need to play Dragon Heist in order to play DotMM. There are some connections, but totally not necessary or required. Dungeon Of The Mad Mage can stand on its own.

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Brian C.
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As Gold said, you can jump into DotMM without Dungeon Heist.&nbsp; Storm King's Thunder starts in earnest at 5th level. You can skip the first chapter which speed-levels the characters to level 5. You can start over with new characters in a new module. There is a ton of 3PP adventures on the marketplace. There are lots of one shots that you could string together as adventurers for hire/adventure of the week. The Mini-Dungeon Tome by AAW Games has one shots organized by party level. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> You can jump into an adventure path partway. War of the Burning Sky is easy to jump into at the third adventure ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> , which starts at level 5), or if your players are willing, you could drop them back one or two levels to start from the beginning ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp;which normally starts at level 3). The adventure encounters have a means to raise the difficulty for parties of a higher level, and you could hold off raising them to level 6 until they reach the halfway point of adventure 3.
What a sad place to be...stuck inside a premade world....there are only thousands of D&amp;D modules and adventures out there. Granted they take some effort and searching(and perhaps a little creative effort) to flesh out in roll20. Set your party down in a bar and sandbox them...where do they want to go, what adventures do they see awaiting them? Do their backstories point in a direction? Do they hear rumors of TOA? Are the Barrier Peaks calling them? Let the party tell you the story for a change? Gygax whispered to you that DM's don't need rules......
Thank you for the suggestions, Gold &amp; Brian C.! We'll make it work. We've been playing D&amp;D since 1989, so it was a surprise not to see a selection of adventures for mid-level characters instead of only one of them. Dear, dwain K., the four of us usually work 70+ hours each week at our professions and we have families. None of us have had the time to do what you are talking about since we were in high school. That's why we use pre-made adventures and Roll20. It sounds like you have an awesome situation. Enjoy it.
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A lot of the WotC module books contain low level material that acts as an introductory adventure, and is not directly related to the larger module. This usually covers levels 1-3, but can be creatively adapted for. An example: The Baldur's Gate intro adventure can be dropped since it is only referenced once in the later parts of Descent Into Avernus, and even then only tangentially. You could drop it.
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Jason D. - Tales from the Yawning Portal may be of interest to you, too. The Sunless Citadel: Level 1 The Forge of Fury: Level 3 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan: Level 5 White Plume Mountain: Level 8 Dead in Thay: Level 9 Against the Giants: Level 11 Tomb of Horrors: Yikes
Thank you,&nbsp;keithcurtis &amp; Bianca. We bought the&nbsp;D&amp;D Short Adventure Bundle. We'll mix &amp; match the modules until we're high enough for later content. I appreciate it.
Andreas J.
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There are a massive amount of D&amp;D adventures on roll20, just don't limit yourself to WotC...
I'm also going to suggest the following: 1) If you've been playing D&amp;D for that long, consider playing non-5E. Just play straight up 3.0, 3.5 or look into Pathfinder. 2) Go to the DMsGuild website or DriveThruRPG and look for "5e compatible" or system-neutral adventures.&nbsp; Some but not all of these will have VTT maps provided.&nbsp; As well as lots of other people's homebrew (including some deliberate continuations from LMOP and extensions for Dragon Heist) you can, for a small cost, purchase other people's adaptations of older modules (especially from 1e and 2e).&nbsp; They only work if you have access to the original, but it saves you the time and effort of re-statting the adventure.&nbsp;
There are also add-ons for Dragon of Icespire Peak that take characters up to level 16; these are playable without completing the DOIP essentials kit beforehand since they take place in Leilon not Phandalin.&nbsp;&nbsp;
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Andreas J. said: There are a massive amount of D&amp;D adventures on roll20, just don't limit yourself to WotC... Is there a way to search / sort / display the Marketplace results that will tailor it down to only/all 5E-Compatible Adventures?
Brian C.
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Gold said: Andreas J. said: There are a massive amount of D&amp;D adventures on roll20, just don't limit yourself to WotC... Is there a way to search / sort / display the Marketplace results that will tailor it down to only/all 5E-Compatible Adventures? As marketplace creators, we tag our content, so we know about all the different search terms. They might be written down on the wiki, but I am not sure. Generally, if you start typing what you want in the search box, you might get a useful search term to pop up. If you go a page or two into the search results, you get past all of the stuff that is licensed by Roll20. <a href=";tag=Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons:5E|Starting%20Level:Medium&amp;sortby=popular" rel="nofollow">;tag=Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons:5E|Starting%20Level:Medium&amp;sortby=popular</a>
You could also find a DM (Free or Paid) who has games and that will save you even more time.&nbsp;&nbsp; I know 2 who are running COS/Dread Realms 1 - 20 and Icewind Dale/Beyond 1 -20 campaigns. Good luck finding the game/modules that work for you and I feel your pain on the free-time side!
If you play Princes of the apocalypse, it really starts at level 3-5ish. It was made to fit right after Lost Mines (but including some extra adventures if you want to start at lvl 1).
Mark S.
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Andreas J. said: There are a massive amount of D&amp;D adventures on roll20, just don't limit yourself to WotC... I'm a little late to the party, but I would like to second what Andreas said.&nbsp; We (Loremasters) have ten 5e adventures ranging from 1st level to 6th level. Each of them was created specifically for Roll20 (maps, tokens, etc...). They have extremely balanced but challenging encounters, puzzles, fun NPCs, and great storylines.&nbsp; There are many other great adventures on Roll20 by publishers other than WotC.