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Firefox and typing keys issue

For the past few days, I and another player I've spoken to in one of my games at least, have been having problems with the chat input of Roll20 while using Firefox. Specifically, the 'home' and 'end' keys are failing to respond properly. Someone else with Chrome says they are working fine in that. Is there some specific reason they aren't working in Firefox?
Yeah I've seen this not working in Firefox since its latest update too. My friend also reports the same. It's driving me mad trying to make posts without them.
"Driving me mad" trying to make posts, sounds like about the same position I'm in. I hate to use Google Chrome for anything due to privacy concerns. I'm trying to use MS Edge for now, since that hopefully blocks at least some of google's crap, and the keys work while typing there. Way too hard to make posts otherwise.
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Have you submitted this through the Help Center?  If not, it would be a good idea to do so.  I use firefox, but I'm never posting anything large enough in chat to ever use home/end.  I do use them in handouts, but it works just fine there, so this seems to be confined to chat unless someone has spotted another place they don't work.
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What are the keys doing and what is the expected behavior? Can you give repro steps? I'm getting page up/page down behavior both here and in chat, but I am on a Mac, so that might make a difference. Build 89.0