We are looking for a player to fill an opening in the party. The party is currently at the start of book 3, so it is the perfect time to join in on the fun. Veteran and Newbie players alike are welcome. I am happy to assist with character creation if you need help. Wednesday | 5 - 8 PM PST Rise of the Runelords is the adventure path that started it all, an instant classic. The larger meta plot has yet to reveal itself, so it is the perfect time to join in on the adventure. If you think you might be a fit, or if you have questions, please send me a message. About your party: The party is very relaxed, friendly, and welcoming. Expect a casual and humourous game environment. Not powergamers. Life Oracle, Summoner, and Magus. About the GM: I have been playing Pathfinder 3-4x a week for 5 years now and I have over 4000 hours logged playing Pathfinder. I am experienced, but far from encyclopedic when it comes to different classes and rules.  So I always welcome input from my players.  (No GM ego-tripping here.) I try to play by RAW when possible, but there are definite times when the rule of fun takes precedence.   Pathfinder is complicated, so I am always happy to discuss rules and rulings. I like to GM with lots of enthusiasm, which includes lots of different character voices (done poorly), visual aids, and lots of music to set the atmosphere.  I love a good challenge for my players, but I never work against them.  I'm here to help you tell a story. Interested? Send me a PM. Happy to answer questions. $10 per player per session. Current/Past games: Rise of the Runelords (Current, Book 2): GM Strange Aeons (Current, Book 3): GM Wrath of the Righteous (Current, Book 2): GM Carrion Crown (Current, Book 1): GM Rise of the Runelords (Finished, Book 4): GM Strange Aeons (Finished, Book 1): GM Skull & Shackles (Completed): GM Jade Regent (Completed): GM The Silken Caravan (Completed, multiple times): GM Beginner Box (Completed, multiple times): GM We Be Goblins (Completed, multiple times): GM We Be Goblins Too (Completed, multiple times): GM We Be Goblins Free (Completed, multiple times): GM Mummy's Mask (Current, Book 4): Player Giant Slayer (Completed): Player Dragon's Demand (Completed): Player Trial by Machine (Completed): Player The Slave Master's Mirror (Completed): Player This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $10 per player per session. Payable via Venmo, Paypal, Apple Pay, or Zelle. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.