Hi, I just picked up the Pugmire: Fetch Quest deckbuilding module from the marketplace as I enjoy the normal RPG. However, after play testing with some friends we ran into issues. The fortune deck does not have a spot for discarding so any time a player uses an ability to go through any discard pile to select a card he wants to add to his deck it becomes a chore if he picks a card from the fortune deck (unless you manually put the cards on the board to create your own "discard" pile). Second, if you place a card on the board from your hand you are instructed (in the instructions) to just delete it and it will go into your character discard pile. This works fine except if you use a card from the fortune deck as it does NOT go back into your character discard pile and there is no way (that I saw) to add it to a specific character discard. This means that when you shuffle your personal deck you'll only pull starter cards and never any fortune cards that you have used previously. So you aren't actually "building a deck" at all. I've watched the creator explain the instructions on a Youtube video and all info points to fortune cards you play going into your personal discard pile. These issues kind of make the game unplayable and I have no idea how to get this to the creator.