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[Tokenmod]API chat button problem

I cannot get an api chat button to work with tokenmod if there is a colon in tokenmods syntax, like trying to put a numbered statusmarker on a token.  I've tried escaping out the colon and every other unique character but it just refuses to make the button for me in chat.   [Dodge Action](!token-mod --set statusmarkers|all-for-one:1)
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
For these situations, you might be able to use semicolons instead: [Dodge Action](!token-mod --set statusmarkers|all-for-one;1) It definitely works for the :: separator between the id in the tag, but it should work for semicolons in the label. If it doesn't, I can probably fix it do it will. If that doesn't work, try using the html entity: [Dodge Action](!token-mod --set statusmarkers|all-for-one:1)
The first entry works perfectly.  Thanks!