So, this is baby's first script. I'd appreciate any feedback or comments. A couple of things: I didn't find any available scripts to do exactly what I wanted, but if I've reinvented the wheel here, I'd like to know. I don't do much work with UI or JS. I'll listen to suggestions for improvement, with the caveat that I prize code clarity and readability over efficiency, compactness, or cleverness. I cribbed hard from scripts I found. While I didn't copy code (as such), there are almost certainly patterns that might look familiar, especially in the display formatting. If I've committed some offense, I'm willing to be corrected. Overview I'm trying to simplify managing in-game timed status effects and markers associated with status effects. The script creates a series of chat menus that allows a GM to define a status on a token, along with a duration and marker icon. Once a status is defined, a second menu allows targets for the effect to be selected; targets have a status' marker placed on them. When a status ends (either due to timeout or the status explicitly being stopped), the markers for that effect are removed.&nbsp; Github Gist <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Command Interface The intent here is for the script to be navigated by generated menus. A macro to show the entry menu is defined when the script is loaded. Features I'd Like to Add But Aren't Sure How to Pull Off (yet) Have the marker icon for a status be displayed in the status-target menu Have the marker icon for a status be displayed in the turn order entry for the status (timed statuses have a countdown entry in the turn order) Have the marker icons be displayed in the marker selected drop down menu