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Bump Help Needed

I've installed bump and its dependencies and can do a !bump --help and get the help screen, however when I select a token and issue the !bump -slave --push command nothing happens. Does anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong? Thanks
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> !bump-slave &nbsp;-- This sets up the invisible Slave Token. By default, the Slave Token is created on whatever layer the selected Master Token is not on. So, if your Master Token is on the GM Layer, it will make the Slave Token on the Objects Layer and vice versa. You can specify&nbsp; --push &nbsp;when you run this command and if the Master Token is on the Objects Layer, it will push it up to the GM Layer and create the Slave Token on the Objects Layer. (see&nbsp; AutoPush &nbsp;below) !bump&nbsp; -- swap the Master Token and Slave Token. You can run this with either selected. It will apply the operation to all selected tokens that are part of a Bump Master/Slave pair. If you have the&nbsp; AutoSlave &nbsp;setting on, using this command on a token that isn't in Bump yet will slave it for you. !bump-config&nbsp; -- An interface to setting the configuration options for Bump. More on those in a bit... It looks like you have a space between !bump and -slave. There shouldn't be a space there. !bump-slave --push Also, if you have 'autoslave' turned on, then the only command you should need is: !bump
Thanks that did it. Over 40 years in the computer industry and I've learned the problem is usually between the elbow and the keyboard :)
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
With the recent updates, this should also work: &nbsp;!bump --slave --push