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Recursive Table Script Question

Can I use a different template other than default? I have this: !rt [Delimiter:BR] /w gm &{template:npcaction} {{rname=Random Loot}} {{name=Show me the Money!}} {{description=[[4t[loot[[1t[loot[[1t[loot]]]]]]]]]}} I get the template I want but it seems to be ignoring the BR and only outputting one line. What did I mess up? Thanks
What is in your 'loot' table? I'm a little confused by how you have it nested several times, so I think that may be the issue.  

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loot1 has 11, loot loot11 has 3 scrolls,loot 21 has 3 different d=scrolls and loot 23 has coins. Pics are the first 2nd and 3rd level of the first result for loot1
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
You have a space after the !rt, the [ ] options need to be flush up against it: !rt[Delimiter:BR] /w gm &{template:npcaction} {{rname=Random Loot}} {{name=Show me the Money!}} {{description=[[4t[loot[[1t[loot[[1t[loot]]]]]]]]]}}