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How does this work?

Hi Folks, I'm a newcomer to DnD 5e. I am also a newcomer to playing anything online and I'd like to learn how to play DnD. So, how does this work? When I find a game that interests me, do I send the DM a private message and in return receive a link that will take me to everyone playing? Your help and patience is greatly appreciated. Mark

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Hi Mark, welcome to roll20.  If you find a particular game from an  LFG search  or..., there should be instructions posted.  If not, I suppose a DM should be fine.  And you are correct, the GM should provide a join link if you have been invited. Good luck.
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Welcome Mark! Here's the welcome message I used to send when I was a Moderator: First off: Welcome to Roll20! If you are looking to dive on in I would recommend  against  taking the tutorial. It  is very old and out of date, and at some point it  will  break. My suggestion is to check out the  Learning Roll20  Course on Youtube, or my own video,  Starting from Scratch .  Additionally, starting your own test game to play with different features and controls is a great way of getting used to the software and layout! If you are ready to jump into some adventures, check out the  Looking For Group Tool  and  Looking for Group Forum  daily for games that may be of interest to you. Also, be sure to fill out your  User Profile ! Your "Bio" is where you have a chance to catch a GM's eye with a well-written statement about yourself The "Enjoys Playing" section is important for two reasons: Every entry you put here is a data-point for  The Orr Group Industry Report  of games being played, and it lets other people looking at your profile know a bit more about you The "Actively Seeks Group For" section is where you can add yourself to the  Player Directory  for systems you want to play We also have a  wiki  and a  Help Center  where you can find answers to a lot of your questions! However, if you can't find an answer, feel free to post in our  various sub-forums  based on their particular topics. Completely new to Role-Playing Games? Check out our  Introduction to Tabletop RPGs  wiki page. Good luck (and loot) on your adventures!
Very helpful, thank you!