Hey all, I’m looking for suggestions for a module that is more focused on roleplaying and intrigue than on exploration and combat.  Yes yes, any module CAN be that, depending on DM and players, but I’m looking for a module that’s designed to promote interactions and intrigue.  Let me tell you what I mean: My group is playing Out of the Abyss and we’re playing the main part straight- the party is captured by the Drow, taken to the Underdark, and now they have to escape.  I’m a player in the main game- but to give the DM a break, I’m running an entr’acte companion mission, from the perspective of a party consisting of three Drow and a Quaggoth hunting them and the other escapees, which I’ve designed to be roleplaying/intrigue forward.  I did this by designing the characters in specific ways, all Lawful Evil, each with their own agendas and priorities, some more noble than others.  They have been instructed that they are to capture or kill the escapees and that failure is *not* an option, on pain of their death and their families’ death.  They have to work together and not murder each other while still pushing their agendas under changing circumstances.  I’m further stirring the pot by giving their characters “observations” between sessions, little notes and hints on how their characters might react to the events of the last session.  We’re a session or two in and the players are taking to it like a house on fire.  Plots and alliances are emerging fast and everyone’s having a surprisingly great time. That’s the kind of module I’m looking or.  Thoughts?