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Stars Without Number: Quick Menu options for rolls gives "Unrecognized Command: /w" error.


Edited 1627128139
The rough part is that this is the only way to actually roll from the sheet. 
Sheet Author
There have been some recent changes to the character sheet framework.&nbsp; My guess is that some of the recent changes broke those built in chat menus due to the use of html replacements, which is probably not necessary any longer.&nbsp; You might want to try contacting one of the sheet authors directly.&nbsp; If I have pulled the Roll20 account id correctly from github, this is a link to one of the authors of that sheet: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Hey did you get a resolution to this? I'm meant to be running a session tonight and I'm getting the exact same issue. Cheers.
Nope.&nbsp; You can uncheck the pencil icon in the top right though, to get out of the edit mode (not yellow), and click each thing individually so that you can still use the sheet. But the quick menu is bugged.&nbsp;
Thanks! At least me and my party can make rolls now.