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Can you modify an existing character sheet?

Greetings, most excellent ladies, gents, and non-binary human people!  I'm not tech savvy, so bear patiently if the questions I ask here sound a trifle derpy.  Anyways, on to my questions: 1) Can you take a premade character sheet created by someone else that you have selected in your campaign settings and make alterations to it, in-game?  For example, I created a slightly more granular hack of John Harper's Lasers and Feelings.  I would like to take the Lasers and Feelings character sheet and add additional fields/functions relevant to my rule hack. 2) Failing this (or even if I CAN use option #1), is there a tutorial anywhere that I can use to teach myself how to make a custom character sheet and port it to Roll20? Thanks for any clarification you can provide. As you might guess, I'm some what new to virtual tabletops.
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The answer to both questions is the same: Yes, if you have a Pro subscription . See Building Character Sheets, in the wiki. Note that if you know what you are doing, you can sign up for a Pro subscription for just one month, set up a custom character sheet, make your changes, and then let your subscription expire and keep using the customised sheet.