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Custom compendium items (5E)

Hey so I was planning on giving one of my players a nice magic item, but I didn't want them to add it mid game and slow down the game. Is there a way to add a custom item into the compendium that I can drag and drop into their character sheet when they get it? I want it to work similarly to if I drag and drop, say, a longsword. I want it to be added to their equipment, and an attackroll to be added to their attacks & spellcasting.
Unfortunately there's no functionality for any custom compendium at all right now.  It's been heavily suggested however.

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I have created magic items for my players ahead of time, dropped it on their sheet but left it unequipped.  I know that doesn't make it hidden, but it does prevent them from using it until you actually give it to them.  With my players, it was an item they had asked someone to create for them, so it wasn't meant to be a surprise.  I just told them to not look until it was time. You could conceivably rename the item to something mundane that they might not notice in their inventory until you reveal it to them.

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Or just put all the stats in the GM section of the sheet, then when they get it, copy/paste it to the Bio/Info tab. They can then add it to their inventory when the time comes, while you keep the game going. I usually just create a handout for it, though and then show the handout. Same thing, only less copy/pasting.
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Custom compendiums is not a thing on Roll02, but the most requested feature: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> latest Roll20 comment on it: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>