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[LFG][Paid][5e] Professional DM Recruiting for Player Created Homebrew Setting.


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All games will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $15 USD per week per player via Paypal. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and any other nonbinary members! My name is Peyton and I am a full-time professional dungeon master. My focus is player-built worlds. This means session 0s are long sessions where a player can control the aspects of the world around their characters' origins. All way down to your families now - back up to the name, government, and style of the nation that they are from. It is a team collaboration from the ground up. For players joining in games that are already in progress, you will have the same options the original players did as long as you don't overwrite what has already been written into the canon. Group Rules Be kind to one another. We will play as long as 75% or more of the group is present You don't play - you don't pay. Respect eachother's time - and don't be late. Three strikes of any rules and you will be removed and blacklisted from all future games. Services I Offer I do this full time so I am always home to answer questions. I will be in the discord server starting 1 hour before the game start time. I am a trained graphic design artist so I will be designing both world and battle map - as well as letters, emblems, and other handouts custom for each game. I will run optional 1-on-1 sessions leading into the campaign for a standard fee. These can also be done for everyone during time skips during the campaign. Sessions will be 3-4 hours 1-on-1 Sessions will be 2-3 hours Allowed Content I allow anything published by wizards of the coast in any form, this includes unearthed arcana. I allow anything written by Matt Mercer or MCDM team without questions. Homebrew content can be allowed with approval. My XP System Token Level Chart Class Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Tokens Needed 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 39 42 45 48 51 54 57 60 Tokens will be given out at the end of each in-game day and or session. Completing a long rest allows a player to spend tokens to level up. Leveling up is done per class level, not per character level. (i.e. if you are level 10 buying the first level in your 2nd class it will only be 3 tokens.) The number of tokens given out will be the same for every player. Any players who go above and beyond in either combat or role playing will receive  Hero Tokens. This is designed to show how people don't progress at the same rate and all leveling choices should be made with roleplay in mind first. Hero Points Hero Points Spent What You Can Spend Them On 1 Gain advantage on attack, ability check or save. Impose disadvantage on an enemy save against one your spells or abilities. Impose disadvantage on an enemy attack or ability check used against you. Re-roll the damage of an attack, variable numeric effect of a spell or ability or other effect caused by you. You may choose which of the results to use. Any other affect in-line with these uses, at the GMs discretion. 2 Automatically stabilize or prevent Instant Death. Add your proficiency bonus to a roll it wouldn’t normally apply to (so long as the roll does not require being proficient to attempt). Gain 1 free use of an ability that requires a short rest to regain. Any other affect in-line with these uses, at the GMs discretion 3 Regain the uses of abilities as though you had taken a short rest. You don’t gain any other benefits of a short rest. Get 1 free use of an ability that requires a long rest to regain. Any other affect in-line with these uses, at the GMs discretion 5 Take an additional turn. Regain the uses of abilities as though you had taken a long rest. You don’t gain any other benefits of a long rest. Any other affect in-line with these uses, at the GMs discretion A player can only bank up to 5 hero points maximum. Hero Points are rewarded by the DM for going above and beyond in combat or RP, or by doing the pregame recap. How I Run the Game I tend to think very logically about everything.  The difference between  Perception  and  Investigation  checks is the difference between how specific you are about looking for something. If you are looking for a person in a crowd for example - it's  investigation . If you are just looking for anything in the crowd - it's  perception . I will use  Insight  checks to help your PC piece things together if needed. We use Discord for Voice (and video which is optional) while using roll20 for the game. By default, I don't track spell components unless they have gold value. By default, I don't track ammunition, food, or weight (within reason) I use Matt Mercer's resurrection rules. By default, I do not include homebrew rules other than what is listed above - but some games do have some. Untilted Game - Professional Homebrew - Looking for Group Page This game will start on 8/31/21 Openings:  2 When:  Tuesdays 1 PM EST About:  This game will take place in a custom-made setting tailored for all the players involved. This means that there will be a full session length session zero where we will go through a questionnaire of almost 60 questions to discuss and make the session specifically for you. This means that you will get to create the town and nation your character are from government style as well as any details you want to have added. This will be a collaborative effort unlike anything most of have you have ever done. You will go into session one not needing to ask the DM for any details about your background cause you have 100% control over everything. I am here to just fill the holes and run the game. Application: Name Age Timezone Experience with D&D Experience with Roll20 Favorite Food Add me on discord: PJM#7134
Name: Yehonatan (Yoni) Age: 30 Timezone: GMT+3  Experience with D&D: know how it works and the rules but never played a game Experience with Roll20: none Favorite Food: mango
Name: Gabe or Venich Age: 24 Timezone: EST Experience with D&D: Multiple Years. Mostly 3.5 and Pathfinder. Newer to 5e Experience with Roll20: Used roll20 since I started playing online about a few years ago but we didn't really use the sheets. Learning more about them from another game Favorite Food: Chipotle Add me on discord: PJM#7134 SideNote: Unfortunately due to work I am not able to make the time that you posted for this game, but I was hoping to pass along my information incase you start another game or the time is changed as the way you DM and your system/rules sounds very interesting and I would to experience it. I will also add you on discord to keep in touch easier incase something opens.  Thank you!