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Please give us Software. (The Big Fix)

I have been a long time user of Roll20, creating my account in 2013, and even since my inception as a user of this wonderful platform I have been aware of the existence of Fantasy Grounds. Initially, it was Roll20's entrance fee of £0 that attracted me to the platform, and because of that I got to try something I was unsure about and I'm very happy I did. With that said what I'm here to suggest is a huge update, but for myself and likeminded individuals, I think it is worth the investment.  Roll20 Software Client I understand that Roll20 is very heavily designed as a web-browser only package. Nothing is perfect, and expecting a website to be perfect isn't realistic but being able to remove those shackles of web-based play would be a huge benefit for so many groups. We have all had those same problems with roll lag, connectivity issues, having to refresh over and over again, large maps not loading, large maps loading for some people and not others, some issues with video and audio for certain browsers. My suggestion can make those issues disappear by offloading those responsibilities to the host of the game, making that group happy and clearing up space for those that continue to use the browser, making those groups happy too.  I know this task has insane repercussions in terms of the work required and potential business model changes it could make but providing some alpha/beta testing to long term members might be a good place to start if this ever becomes more than a pipe dream.  Now, I know this idea has been pitched in the past  and it was shot down then , so what would be different now? FoundryVTT. The new horse in the race has come out sprinting. I'm not going to list any of the features but it is taking off with style, grace and a sprinkling of pizazz. Not to mention every single map maker that I follow or support are now focusing their products there for one reason or another. I don't use Foundry at all but having tested the demo I can definitely see some benefits, but those benefits would be so easily accessible within Roll20 if we were using software that allowed us to host our own games. 
+1 I completely agree with this sentiment. I'd rather have a desktop client than need to use a web browser to access, because browsers become so full of extra bloat that is unnecessary to use. Don't get me wrong, the web browser as a client is a useful backup plan, but a specialized client can be so much leaner to run.
Roll20 Dev Team
Roll20 Team
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