Ubia a world of many unknowns and secrets to uncover, this campaign takes place in the Grand duchy of Ushil, where a grand tournament is being held so a party of adventurers can be selected from those who win the various events to undertake a secret mission for the good of the Duchy. Who knows what you shall uncover, how shall you react Care to find out and carve your spot in the world of Ubia. System: Lamentations of the flame princess. Time 4-7pm AEST0 Days, up for discussion, thought most likely some day between Monday to Friday. Weekly or fort nightly Beginner friendly Home brew classes optional. Theme's of campaign, Roleplay, Sandbox, mild horror, medieval shenanigans. (I am new to Gm-ing, but happy to learn and open to feedback, this campaign is kind of sandboxy but look forward to creating a fun and interesting game with you. I run more of a sandbox type game.)