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LFP 5e free Pre-Cataclysm Dragonlance homebrew campaign Fridays 7-10 CST

Group Requirements * The biggest thing is that you must be a hardcore Dragonlance lover, enough that you know about its history, peoples, and religions. * I haven't DMed in years, the first couple of sessions will be me getting used to stuff, as in, I may fudge rolls until I figure out how to make a battle just right challenge-wise. * No whiners and rule- lawyers . For me, the story is most important and sometimes rules get excepted. * The session is Fridays from 7pm-10pm CST. This will be a long game, please make it a priority. I'm looking for 4- 5 players, we'll play with 3 if one is ou t . I plan on making the sessions based on the characters’ stories , so it'll really throw in a wrench if that character can't be there. * It'll be straight out of the Player's Handbook, no extra stuff, although I'm not adamently opposed if you can sell it to me , but know that there's a 95% chance I'll shoot it down. I'm going for basics here. * This is story oriented, not maximize your character battle oriented . Be your character, have fun with their flaws and low ability scores, do what your character would do, not what you would do in building a person. * Classes/ race/everything must align with the Dragonlance universe. * Because I like to keep people on their toes I change things about creatures in the Monster Manual. AC, to hit, damage, special abilities, are all subject to change by me. There will be battle (unless you purposely find a way to avoid it) in every session, this game isn't about being the best role playing fighter and winning, it's about role playing your character and the story. * Everyone must be good (alignment). There will be group dissension based on the story and disagreements but the overall goal of every player should be being a good, helpful group member. * This should be obvious but it's not what you know, but what your character knows. * I use roll20 and Discord voice. Game Premise * It will be set on Krynn a couple of decades before the Cataclysm. Meaning civilizations are at their peak , religion is flourishing, Knights of Solamnia are in good standing and, as much as they ever were , so are the wizards of high sorcery (although still distrusted) . * Extra classes available to play : * Knights of Solamnia: Knight of the crown is a basic warrior, knight of the sword would be a War Priest, Knight of the Rose would be a paladin. All start as their perspective class in the PH and start as Knight of the Crown and move up. So if you're shooting for a knight of the rose you'd start as a knight of the crown with all paladin powers for that level. * You can be a Kender Handler but know that the DM will be "handling" for you, as in, you'll find random things in your pouches that you don't know about. Also, be prepared to spend time in jail and getting in trouble with the authorities and it may make it hard for the group, but I'm up for giving it a try. * Renegade wizard and/or sorceror, I was debating this, but if you can sell it to me, I’ll allow it, but it’ll probably breed trouble for the group like the handler class. Application: * Fill out the classes and races you're willing to play in order of what you want the most. * Discord name * Are you 18 or older? If under 18 please list your age.

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Oooh, I love this era of Krynn.  I am very Intersted. I have been DMing and playing Dragonlance since 1983.  will this be 5th ed?  I am on Discord as Kazon(Tanis)#3627 musing: Minataur Cleric of Habbukak with a sailor background?
It will be 5th edition. Someone private messaged me so we're at 2. Once we hit four players I'll set up a discord group and get the ball rollin'. Hopefully more are interested. 
Good to see someone running a Dragonlance setting. If this was not on a Friday, I would dive into it with my body and soul with kegs of beer tied to me! If my adventure would ever fall apart, I would be SO willing to give this a go. I wish you the BEST OF LUCK with this! 

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Hello! I am potentially interested! I am EST but could do the 8 pm-11 pm my time on Fridays. I have loved Dragonlance since 2nd Edition D&D. I have a lot of source materials and a 5th edition players handbook but have not played 5th edition yet! I’d be very interested in exploring a Wizard of High Sorcery character - a young human or elf renegade/wilder, trained by a renegade that was tracked down by the Tower and they are trying to bring my character in to the fold- so to speak? Just an idea. Keep me updated if there is still room!
So you mean to change the time from 8-11CST, not EST, right? If so, and there's no other players, it's a possibility. I'm getting old and don't like to stay up past my bed time, but I will if it's the only thing that works :D 
Oh not at all. I can adapt and play at the time frame you suggested- I think 7-10 your time is 8-11 my time. 
Yup, that works Michael, just need one more and we're golden. 
Hi there, I'm a member of the Dragonlance Facebook Group and found your link for this game. I'm interested. I'm based in Australia and the timing works well for me as it is Saturday lunch time game for me when you run Friday night. I own the DL modules 1-15 and Dragonlance Adventures sourcebook for 1e. Have reread Legend of Huma and Chronicles again recently and have just ordered the Elven Nations Trilogy on eBay. Former Istarian Human Temple Guard/Soldier or Qualinesti Elf Warior Noble (advisor/councillor abroad). If full, good luck with your campaign and happy adventuring!
I've sent y'all a discord link to the group.
Still looking for players? I saw your post in the Facebook group. I’m an experienced player and DM and ran the 1st edition modules back in the 80’s (yeah I’m an old dude). I’ve read a lot of the books, too. I’ve been waiting for 5e Dragonlance campaign to be released but would love to play in the mean time. I’d be interested in playing a Knight of the Rose (paladin) first, and a cleric second. Or whatever the party needs to help balance. 
I'm a little late to the game, but if you need another player now or in the future I'm very interested. I've also read a ton of the books and have been waiting for a serious DL 5e campaign.