We are very excited to announce that the Roll20 Tutorial experience has been revamped. It’s live right now for everyone! We’ve redesigned the tutorial and implemented community feedback to ensure that new players get up to speed and into a game as quickly and seamlessly as possible. When you hop in, check out the new guided tips and tricks for the Toolbar, Layers, moving around the Virtual tabletop, and you can even try out premium features like Dynamic Lighting! So if you’ve ever been curious about GM tools or just want a refresher on some of our Basic features, Take a look for yourself ! If you’d like more information or if an interactive tutorial isn’t your style, please check out our Help Center for more information. There’s also a breadth of knowledge made available from community members over in the Tips and Tricks thread ! We  have a fantastic community that’s growing every day. Creating a new tutorial is just one step in making sure everyone has a seat at the table.  For new players and veteran members alike, we can’t wait for you to see what’s next. Happy Rolling, Roll20 Team