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Advantage or Disadvantage on Saving Throws

Is there any way to show or determine if a Saving Throw (or Attack Roll) should be at Advantage or Disadvantage against a specific NPC token?  I am working on Scriptcard Spell Macros that make the Saving Throw and apply appropriate damage.  But is there a way to update a token with specific saving throws at advantage or disadvantage and use that information in the saving throw of the macro? Some scenarios: Scenario 1: The Druid casts Entangle, and 3 of the 4 creatures fail their saving throw and are Restrained The Wizard now casts Fireball.  The Dex Saving throw of the 3 Restrained creatures should be at Disadvantage.  The saving throw of the 4th should be a normal Saving Throw. Scenario 2: Barbed Devils get Advantage on Savings Throws vs Magic So, I know with a Group-Check macro, I can query for Advantage/Normal/Disadvantage.  But is there a way to update the sheet or token to reflect that status?
API Scripter
If you have token mooks, the you won't want to update the sheet. You'll have to update the token. Either way, you can store info on the fly using Plugger to launch TokenMod, ChatSetAttr, etc. The advantage of Plugger in this case is that the downstream command can access the existing rolls of the outer command... Letting you judge the result of the save to determine whether to apply Advantage or Disadvantage. If you need to store the advantage/disadvantage result on the token, you aren't limited to the token bars. If you have something that will write to the GM notes, Fetch can help you read that back when it comes to checking the state.
Ah, yes.  I didn't think of writing something to a bar or the gmnotes to reflect advantage or disadvantage.  I am using token-mod and set-gmnote from Aaron.  I could try that first and if I can't get that to work, maybe investigate Plugger.