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LFP-Free-DnD5e- Looking for 2-3 newish players for a fun high fantasy open world. US Cental


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Hi there, Colin the Dm here. I'm looking for 2 possibly 3 people max to have fun in a pretty open world with a few loose plots that you can take part in, some with far reaching ripple effects. it's a big open sandbox and it's very newcomer friendly. hit me up if this sounds cool to you. sessions would be Fridays at 7pm us central time . but can be changed to meet the need of the party within reason.   sessions will be held on discord and will use roll20 for interactive maps Summary of the world: The time of heroes is in full swing, gold and ale flow like vast rivers. the wars are over, commerce is booming, the summer years are here, sunny skies yield no clouds and rain comes and goes with the quickened pace that rivals that of the notorious wild cat races of Whiteridge. lush forests cover the winding roads and rivers that cut across the land giving way to gentle rolling plains in the east, the ever snowy mountain peaks in the north, rich seas of grain to the south and the capital, the jewel of Esteros lies to the far west. festivals and and merriment reign throughout the the vast towns and holds, it is a time of monsters and villainous and dastardly characters, yes, but a time of heroes and legend. what will your legacy be?
I'm definitely interested in your game. If you wanna talk more, my discord is MrWolfe#7880
Hello, I would love a chance to join your game! I am a newish player with some experience and this seems like a perfect fit. My discord is sli#4836
Hey man, that game sounds like a lot of fun. I'm a forever DM and would absolutely love the chance to play in your world. Only thing is, would you be willing to run 4 players? as me and my friend both want to join
Discord = Lucius#8831
Very interested, please add my disc! Lee_The_DM#2000