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[LFP][DND 5e][Free][PST] Experienced DM Looking for Weekend Curse of Strahd Group

Have you always wanted to play 5e but don't quite know where to start? Watched  Critical Role  and thought, “that seems so cool?” Done a couple of sessions but don't have a regular group? Or are you a veteran of AD&D who still plays four nights a week? Whoever you are, I'd love to DM for you. I'm looking for a group of 5 awesome people to go through Curse of Strahd.  I've been running games for over a decade now, and love a good mix of RP, combat, and mystery-solving. Please be comfortable with RP—CoS doesn’t work without engaged, active roleplayers. I plan to run a pretty serious Curse of Strahd, but moments of levity are essential too. Who am I?:   I'm Micah, 27, male, from the west coast of the US, and in law school. I started DMing in high school.  What will I be running?:   Curse of Strahd—a gothic horror module that I absolutely love. I've run it before and it was an awesome experience. I no longer have the time for homebrew, but the module won't be run straight out of the book, either.  How will we play?:  We'll be here on Roll20, with voice chat via Discord.  When will we play?:  Saturday or Sunday, likely evenings (PST), once a week for three hours. Planning on 1 group but we'll see what the interest looks like. Who am I looking for?:   Anyone nice, really! I love running games for everyone. Just please be inclusive, polite, and comfortable with RP in English! I run LGBTQ+/women/POC-friendly tables, so please be able to respect all players. Beginners are welcome. No undead/liches, please. What are the requirements?:  Please don’t have played/watched/read/listened to/thought about/lived through Curse of Strahd before. I want to play!:  Great! Send me a message or post a reply answering  The Questions Below , and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. The Questions Below: Preferred name and pronouns: Age: D&D experience: Day/time preference: What are you looking for in a game?: RP/Combat/Exploration preference: Character idea (race/class) & short backstory (anything official is fine): Favorite animal: Something interesting about you: 0

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A small question as I fill out the questionnaire itself: For character concepts what all books are allowed/disallowed?  I am actually blind and didn't see this answered in the questionaire so take my brief 404 brain as a free bump of interest
Jara. He/him. 28 Been playing on and off for a few years. But still more character creation experience than sessions. Lol. Saturdays work. Possibly sunday afternoons? I'm looking for more game experience in general and have heard that COS is a good module but have not played it. Equal parts of all 3 I suppose. Have not had a ton of exp with exploration per se yet. I have so many possible builds that I have been coming up with. Though many seem to have MC levels or dips into another class. I'm willing to play any of them. Favorite animal is tough. Killer whale, or most types of wild cats. I can play as pretty much any class or role given my character build ideas.
Preferred name and pronouns: Rinne, she/they Age: 31 D&D experience: I have a game I play on Wednesdays and occasionally on Sundays, been playing for about 2 years on and off but got more experience this year lol Day/time preference: Saturday's preferably  What are you looking for in a game?: Some good rping, I keep seeing people on tiktok with this module and Im desperate to try it out! RP/Combat/Exploration preference: All 3 really but rp is top of the list! Character idea (race/class) & short backstory (anything official is fine): Ive had an idea for a tiefling bardlock for a while but that would be a discussion with you if you wanted to agree Favorite animal: Oh I love tigers and fantasy animal is a unicorn Something interesting about you: Im originally from the UK and moved to the US in 2019 

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Preferred name and pronouns: Mac      it/doesn't matter, so why make it a thing? Age:58 D&D experience: I have been playing on and off since the 80's and still love the game. Day/time preference: Sunday or Monday evening. I am CST What are you looking for in a game?: Fun RP/Combat/Exploration preference: I love all three and if done right it's all rp Character idea (race/class) & short backstory (anything official is fine): Human or half elf Paladin. Fresh from the monestary with little street smarts but plenty of faith and book smarts. Favorite animal:Llama Something interesting about you: I'm a lot of fun to have at the table. I will bring a reliable source of positive attitude and good intentions.
Name and pronouns: Scott he/him  Age: 30 D&D experience: 6 months, on and off running and playing, but researched/watched a lot in that time  Day/time preference: Sunday evening around 7-8pm would work, only cause I’m on the other side of the world and would be playing in the am!  What are you looking for in a game?: I just love the story telling and creativity this game gives you!  RP/Combat/Exploration preference :50/20/30   Character idea (race/class) & short backstory (anything official is fine): I have a (couple races would like to chat) bard who collects adventure/history/folk lore books, and has one that is cursed and does all the magic/illusions fighting for him/protects him, which makes him almost a warlock, but since he is oblivious to the book he is just a witty normal guy! otherwise I would like to make a gnome artificer who wants to save animals and wants to try create a voice box for them, or I have a non-fireball Wizard and an old man steal monk I’d like to play…I’ve had a lot of time to make characters when games come and go.  Favorite animal: Crows…..basset hounds……manta rays…….mimics… order for each character.  Something interesting about you: I’m a tattooist who has travelled the world going to museums and getting covered in art and now I have no way to explore and create! And that’s how I met your mothe…I meant dnd. 
If interested I don’t check here often, but my discord is  thedoomsdaykid#6401 I have a lot of dnd beyond resources, hero forge premium tokens, and I actually have the CoS campaign on roll20, one of the first campaigns we started but we got 4 games in and we never got out of the first town, so I can provide that if you haven’t already got it! 
I have been looking to play a warlock who’s powered by the mists. 
I've found players! Thank you all.