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Power Cards: Spell Attacks Outputting Code Instead of Character/NPC Names

Whenever I cast a spell, attack or non-attack, the power card reads like this: Also, I must have an FX API running. All it does is cause a burst of fire around the casting token. Harmless and amusing as it may be, it is linked with the above issue: they both happen when a spell is cast. Appreciate any help. Let me know if I need to list the APIS I'm running currently, or whatever. Thanks
Can we see the powercards code?
This is an excerpt taken from the PCMH handout. I am guessing this is where the problem lays, but I am stabbing at the dark here. If this is not the code you requested, please let me know and I will commence digging. SpellCast: --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-ATTACK$' -ne 'None']Attack:|[#[ [$Atk] ~0! + ~S-SAB$ [Spell Attack] ]#] vs **AC** [#[~T-AC$]#] --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-ATTACK$' -eq 'None']hroll|[#[ [$Atk] 1d10 + 500 ]#] vs **AC** [#[~T-AC$]#] --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK']?? $Atk < ~T-AC$ ?? !Missed|**You missed!** --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-DAMAGE$' -ne '' -and '~SP-DAMAGE2$' -eq '']?? $Atk >= ~T-AC$ AND $Atk.base <> 20 ?? Hit:|[#[ [$Dmg] (~SP-DAMAGE$) [Base] + (~S-SAM$ * ~SP-ADDABILITY$) [Ability] + (~SP-HLDICE$*~SSL$)~SP-HLDIETYPE$~SP-HLBONUS$ [HigherLevel] ]#] ~SP-DAMAGETYPE$ damage --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-DAMAGE$' -ne '' -and '~SP-DAMAGE2$' -eq '']?? $Atk.base == 20 ?? Critical Hit:|[#[ [$Dmg] (~SP-DAMAGE$) [Base] + (~SP-DAMAGE$) [Crit] + (~S-SAM$ * ~SP-ADDABILITY$) [Ability] + (~SP-HLDICE$*~SSL$)~SP-HLDIETYPE$~SP-HLBONUS$ [HigherLevel] + (~SP-HLDICE$*~SSL$)~SP-HLDIETYPE$~SP-HLBONUS$ [HLCrit] ]#] ~SP-DAMAGETYPE$ Damage --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-DAMAGE$' -ne '' -and '~SP-DAMAGE2$' -ne '']?? $Atk >= ~T-AC$ AND $Atk.base <> 20 ?? Hit:|[#[ [$Dmg] (~SP-DAMAGE$) [Base] + (~S-SAM$ * ~SP-ADDABILITY$) [Ability] + (~SP-HLDICE$*~SSL$)~SP-HLDIETYPE$~SP-HLBONUS$ [HigherLevel] ]#] ~SP-DAMAGETYPE$ damage and [#[ [$Dmg2] (~SP-DAMAGE2$) [Base] + (~S-SAM$ * ~SP-ADDABILITY$) [Ability] ]#] ~SP-DAMAGETYPE2$ damage --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-DAMAGE$' -ne '' -and '~SP-DAMAGE2$' -ne '']?? $Atk.base == 20 ?? Critical Hit:|[#[ [$Dmg] (~SP-DAMAGE$) [Base] + (~SP-DAMAGE$) [Crit] + (~S-SAM$ * ~SP-ADDABILITY$) [Ability] + (~SP-HLDICE$*~SSL$)~SP-HLDIETYPE$~SP-HLBONUS$ [HigherLevel] + (~SP-HLDICE$*~SSL$)~SP-HLDIETYPE$~SP-HLBONUS$ [HLCrit] ]#] ~SP-DAMAGETYPE$ Damage and [#[ [$Dmg2] (~SP-DAMAGE2$) [Base] (~SP-DAMAGE2$) [Crit] + (~S-SAM$ * ~SP-ADDABILITY$) [Ability] ]#] ~SP-DAMAGETYPE2$ damage --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-SAVE$' -eq 'Strength']Save|~T-CN$ rolls [[ [$Save] 1d20 + ~T-SBSTR$ ]] on a ~SP-SAVE$ save vs **DC ~S-SSDC$** --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-SAVE$' -eq 'Dexterity']Save|~T-CN$ rolls [[ [$Save] 1d20 + ~T-SBDEX$ ]] on a ~SP-SAVE$ save vs **DC ~S-SSDC$** --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-SAVE$' -eq 'Constitution']Save|~T-CN$ rolls [[ [$Save] 1d20 + ~T-SBCON$ ]] on a ~SP-SAVE$ save vs **DC ~S-SSDC$** --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-SAVE$' -eq 'Intelligence']Save|~T-CN$ rolls [[ [$Save] 1d20 + ~T-SBINT$ ]] on a ~SP-SAVE$ save vs **DC ~S-SSDC$** --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-SAVE$' -eq 'Wisdom']Save|~T-CN$ rolls [[ [$Save] 1d20 + ~T-SBWIS$ ]] on a ~SP-SAVE$ save vs **DC ~S-SSDC$** --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-SAVE$' -eq 'Charisma']Save|~T-CN$ rolls [[ [$Save] 1d20 + ~T-SBCHA$ ]] on a ~SP-SAVE$ save vs **DC ~S-SSDC$** --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-SAVE$' -ne '']?? Save < ~S-SSDC$ ?? Save Failed|~T-CN$ takes [#[ [$Dmg] (~SP-DAMAGE$) [Base] + (~S-SAM$ * ~SP-ADDABILITY$) [Ability] ]#] ~SP-DAMAGETYPE$ damage --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-SAVE$' -ne '']?? $Save >= ~S-SSDC$ ?? Save Succeded|~T-CN$ saves for ~SP-SAVESUCCESS$ --['~SP-OUTPUT$' -eq 'ATTACK' -and '~SP-HEALING$' -ne '']Healing:|[#[ [$Heal] (~SP-HEALING$) [Base] + (~S-SAM$ * ~SP-ADDABILITY$) [Ability] + (~SP-HLDICE$*~SSL$)~SP-HLDIETYPE$~SP-HLBONUS$ [HigherLevel] ]#] --Description|~SP-DESCRIPTION$
Ok I have located the issue. It is an API causing the problem. "Custom Spellbook". I had completely forgotten about this script. Ok so I'm gonna close this up. Thanks for your time.