My group and I have recently been encountering this issue in Starfinder: The Ability dropdown menus are cut off and do not show the full three-letter abbreviation of the Ability names. It's been aggravating because it's unpleasant to look at and it makes it slightly more difficult to see what the relevant score is at a glance. It happened for no reason to me first, then it happened to the rest of my group. We had thought it would go away eventually, but it's been a few weeks already and nothing has changed. I browsed the Change Log to see if this was done deliberately for some reason, but I didn't see anything. My version of Chrome is Version 93.0.4577.82 and the screenshots below are from there. I installed Firefox to see if maybe it was a browser or cache issue and the problem was even worse there; the dropdowns were so cut-off that you couldn't even see the first letter like you can in Chrome.