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GM Layer and visibility

Hello, first let me say that I really am enjoying this program and I am convincing my friends state-side to utilize it when we play. Just some things (so far). I am working on creating the pathfinder module D0 - Hollow´s Last Hope with this program. I have been able to create the encounter maps without difficulty and added the creatures I need. Here are my questions that would assist me in making this the most awesomess game for my kids :-) Is there a way (beside clicking the settings icon on a token) to view the GM notes written there? For example, I want to write down AC, HPs, Attack and Damage info. I would like to maybe have the ability to hover over the token (or maybe a hover and key combo) to give me a quick peek at what I have written there. Mind you that I can just click on the setting icon and look there and not having the feature will not make this program anything less that the great program it is, but just asking if it is possible. When I put info on the GM Layer, is there a way to change the opacity of the token or writing or drawings I may have placed on it? This is my situation, in the above game there is an encounter where an orc is hiding in the trees. Unless the PCs state that they are looking for something, they won´t see the orc. In this case I place the orc in the GM Layer so that the group can see it, but then I have trouble finding it, because it is so transparent that I have to click and highlight the area I think it is in to see it again. I have the same thing with words. I like to write down notes such as Stuck door and Dc to open it on the GM Layer so that I don´t forget about it, but more importantly so as not to tip of my players to any info I have. I have tried the GM opacity bar, but I have not noticed it doing anything to what I place on the GM Layer. Thanks for any info on these (minor) issues I have. Once I am done with my campaign, is there a way to "package" it in case I wanted to send it to someone? I read where someone was asking about modules to game in, or use as a base line to modify to there needs, and this may be a great way to share some of the stuff we create. Anyway, thanks for such a great product and continued success with it. Hector
I don't find the transparency too much of a problem, but I could see it being one for others. I was going to suggest adding markers or auras to the unit to make them stand out more for you, but apparently those can't be applied to tokens in the GM layer. Also, the GM opacity only effects how dark the fog of war is for the GM.
Yes I did notice the opacity for the fog of war and it is very useful, just would like to have the ability to control the degree of opacity of the items (token, text, drawings) in the GM Layer. Orcs hiding in trees even make the GM have to to roll perception/spot checks :-)
Roll20 Team
A little off topic, but since I'm also building a campaign for HLH, I was curious how you're handling keeping track of travel time while your PCs are traversing Darkmoon Vale. Are you keeping a tally on paper or in Roll20 itself? In regards to keeping track of items on the gm layer, try laying down a brightly filled square around the hidden token (make sure the square is layered *under* the token so it's a non issue to click on the token) so that you can use the easier to find square to target your token.
That is a good idea about a bright color around the hidden token, I will give a try tonight. As to time, I am tracking that on the side. I still keep a small notepad on the side to track a few things as I run a game. It is so good to not have to worry about hit points, since I can directly add (or subtract) as needed. I am thinking that I can also start using the journel to keep information readily available in case I need to see something.
Roll20 Team
I designed a quick and dirty hour clock last night that has a writing space to input the number of days traveled. The hour hand and the day/night panel can be rotated as needed. In retrospect it REALLY needs a drop shadow, but I think this little graphic widget should do the trick.