Hello, I was trying to make a nested macro, to execute macros that just put the "!setattr --name &lt;charactername&gt; --repeating_damagemod_$0_global_damage_active_flag|0" and &lt;charactername&gt; --repeating_damagemod_$0_global_damage_active_flag|1" commands in chat. (&nbsp; <a href="https://github.com/Roll20/roll20-api-scripts/blob/master/ChatSetAttr/0.9.1/ChatSetAttr.js" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/Roll20/roll20-api-scripts/blob/master/ChatSetAttr/0.9.1/ChatSetAttr.js</a> &nbsp;) Is activated on the game. I've replaced the delimiter from | to € (" . map ( str =&gt; str . split ( / \s * \| \s * / ) )" on line 192 to " . map ( str =&gt; str . split ( / \s * \€ \s * / ) )") (because nobody ever uses € in coding) so the command would instead be: "!setattr --name &lt;charactername&gt; --repeating_damagemod_$0_global_damage_active_flag€0", this i to circumvent the difficult character problem with nested macros when a macro contains a |. (I had also tried replacing | in the macro with the html code but it gave the same error as what I'm getting now) Essentially the nested macro goes as follows: ?{Targetting Laser Toggle|On,#targetting-on |Off,#targetting-off } with targetting-on: !setattr --name &lt;charactername&gt; --repeating_damagemod_$0_global_damage_active_flag€1 and targetting-off: !setattr --name &lt;charactername&gt; --repeating_damagemod_$0_global_damage_active_flag€0 They work when I execute them as their own macro; but with the nested macro, the only 2 options shown are on and off, so no longer the issue of it becoming on, 1, off, 0 when the delimitter on the command was |, and the&nbsp;ChatSetAttr respone is that it puts the value to 1&amp; 0 respectively, but it doesn't /actually/ do that. In other words, it's saying it's toggling global damage modifier on or off when in actuality it doesn't.But again, if I execute the targetting-on or targetting-off macros by themselves, it'll give the message / and actually toggle it on or of. Anyone got an idea what is going wrong here?