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I'm trying to get GroupInit to work.  I'm using Pathfinder by Roll20 character sheet.  I got it to calculate the bonus but it won't roll the d20 for the base initiative.  I get either 0 for initiative or the bonus for all tokens.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Hmm. What is your die size set to, and do you have a dice count attribute set?
Dice size and count are set to D20 and 1 respectively.
Now it's not even counting the bonus even though I thought I solved that issue with the Initiative|Current command
Sheet Author
If you clear your current groups, I think this is the command you will want to set up the initiative roll for that sheet: !group-init --add-group --bare initiative I expect it is case sensitive, so if you were capitalizing initiative, that would probably be a problem.  The attribute on the sheet is definitely lower case.

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That didn't work.  The basic code string for initiative from the character sheet is this:   @{Human Skeleton|whispertype} &{template:npc} {{name=^{initiative}}} {{type=initiative}} {{showchar=@{Human Skeleton|rollshowchar}}} {{charname=@{Human Skeleton|character_name}}} {{roll=[[1d20+@{Human Skeleton|initiative}[MOD]+@{Human Skeleton|rollmod_initiative}[QUERY] &{tracker}]]}} {{shownotes=[[1]]}}} {{notes=@{Human Skeleton|initiative_notes}}} So it's pulling from the code word "initiative"
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
if you want to PM me an invite and GM me, I can come sort it out for you this evening.
That would be great.  Thanks.

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Sheet Author
Maybe I have a setting wrong(likely lol), but it appears that the sorting option might be backwards...? FYI: We also use the TurnMarker and AddCustomTurn scripts if that matters.