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Dusty player, new to Roll20.

Greetings all, Sorry if this post is bad of out of taste or wrong place. Relatively new to this platform.  Sadly can't really afford any of the paid games that seem to be advertised here. OLD rp'er, wanting to get back into the hang of things after a massively long dry spell.  Used to play half a dozen things.  Familiar with dnd 3.5, and pathfinder, been poking at 5th ed here and there out of curiosity.  Played a bunch of minds eye theater (VtMB live).  Always wanted to play a Werewolf game, but never knew anyone who knew of it or wanted to poke at it.  Vampire is always fun (curse the ventrue). I'm willing to work with and learn, if people are willing to help a fool relearn all that i've forgotten of the old stuff, or learn the new stuff to have some funs again.
Hi David, Consider editing your original post to include your time zone and available days/times. Might help with responses.
I have a Chill/Cryptworld one-shot coming up if you'd like to try a more "classical" horror setting. I'm a recently returned player/GM myself. Message me if you're interested.
Yeti, Old school, Pacesetter Chill? Complete with pulpy feel? Or newer, more blood-splattery Chill?
A ctually, hello! truth be told, i have an AD&D 2nd edition (THACO TIME!) campaign in a living world sandbox. it's my homebrew world and happen to have 2 empty seats on the Thursday 7pm EST-1030PM game. if interested let me know.