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Error with 5th Edition Shadowrun Sheet (Soak and Extended Rolls not working for old character sheets)

The recently introduced "Dodge" and "Soak" roles in the main message window are great and work fine for all characters that I create new. But with any previous characters only "Dodge" works. After an unsucessfull dodge I get these error messages: |reactsoak|| %lcub;%quot;attackAp%quot;%colon;0%comma;%quot;attackDamage%quot;%colon;9%comma;%quot;attackDmgType%quot;%colon;%quot;P%quot;%rcub; ) Followed by: TypeError: At is undefined A similiar issue is with "Extended Rolls". Is there a value that I can set or fix this problem in any other way without having to resort to creating the characters new and copy data by hand?

Edited 1642187617
With some HTML debugging I found the problem myself! These macros do not work, if the character name contains brackets. The character was named Closer (Franklyn Burns) to show the Street Name as well as the real name in the same field. After changing it to Closer both macros work now. I assume some HTML masking in the script would fix that.