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Show as Token Action missing "Visible to Players"

Hello.  I am trying to create a Token Action so that when a player clicks on a token it will run a macro.  Example.  The token represents Neverwinter.  When a user clicks on that token it should run a macro below to show information about Neverwinter based on the tokens Token Bar data.  When I simply run the macro "#name Location-Details" it does as it should.  But not when a player clicks on the token.   I noticed that when editing the macro and you check the box for "Visible to Players" nothing shows up below like I've seen.   Is this preventing the macro from running for players?   Is it because I am a Plus subscriber and not a Pro subscriber? &{template:default} {{name=@{selected|token_name}}} {{[image](@{selected|bar1})}} {{@{selected|bar2}}} {{[(Learn More)](@{selected|bar3})}} Thanks for any input.  VR
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Couple of clarifications: 1) "When a user clicks on that token it should run a macro". This is not a function of Roll20. Do you mean that when they select a token they should see a token action button, that when pressed will run the macro? 2) What is the actual name of the macro, and where is it stored? If in the collections area, is it marked "Show as Token Action"? "name Location-Details" is not a valid macro name. No spaces. To make this work, create a macro in the Collections area with your code above. When editing, scroll down slightly in the edit window to see the Visible to Players option. I have not checked, but I am reasonably certain you need to be a GM to grant these permissions. Make sure you click "Show as Token Action". The macro will show up whenever any player selects a token they control that represents a character sheet up above in the Token Action Bar.
Thanks for the reply and help.  I forgot to click add to bar.  That did the trick.  Now when a player clicks on the label for an area the macro launches perfectly.  The extra set of eyes help a lot.  Thank you.