Hey folks, been awhile since I've posted but I figured I would post this for all those Life Domain clerics out there.  If you want to alter your healing spells to account for Life Domain bonuses on the 5e character sheet rather than make separate macros here is how you do it (the example is for Cure Wounds). Edit the spell to have the following:  "Damage 2" field: 3+?{Cast at what level?|Level 1, 0|Level 2, 1|Level 3, 2|Level 4, 3|Level 5, 4|Level 6, 5|Level 7, 6|Level 8, 7|Level 9, 8}             Damage 2's "Type" field: Self Healing  What this does, self-healing is 2+level, in this case 3. Then the query (the same one that the spell normally has) will add any bonuses based on level.  Why the field Damage 2? If you put it in the first Damage field it would come before the Healing field.  Next:  "Healing" field: 1d8 +3 (adding the +3 to it) This accounts for the Life Domain's bonus (2+level) for a level 1 Cure Wounds Finally:  "Higher LVL Cast DMG" field: 1d8 +1 (adding the +1 to it) This accounts for the bonus +1 per higher level casting.  Thats it. For higher level spells such as Mass Healing Word or Mass Cure you simply adjust the Healing field appropriately, and make sure you adjust the Damage 2 field's base bonus and query.  Example "Damage 2" field for Mass Cure Wounds: "Damage 2" field: 7+?{Cast at what level?|Level 5, 0|Level 6, 1|Level 7, 2|Level 8, 3|Level 9, 4}