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ChatSetAttr behavior question

I noticed some behavior with  ChatSetAttr and had a question about it. I have 3 attributes: STR ,  STR_act, and  STR_actuse. Macro Results Output !setattr --charid @{selected|character_id} --STR|10 sets just STR to 10 Setting STR to 10 for character Testguy !setattr --charid @{selected|character_id} --STR_actuse|3 sets just STR_actuse to 3 Setting STR_actuse to 3 for character Testguy !setattr --charid @{selected|character_id} --STR_act|4 sets both STR_act and STR_actuse to 4 Setting STR_act to 4 for character Testguy The last one is what I have a question about. The output seems to indicate that it only is changing STR_act, but it is definitely changing both. Is this expected behavior and I need to format the macro differently, or is this an edge case bug? If I rename the attribute to STR_act_use this isn't a problem any more.  
What game are you playing and are you using a character sheet?  If you are using a character sheet, then it's likely that those two attributes are tied together and when STR_act is changed, the sheetworkers are also updating STR_actuse. You can confirm this by doing this manually - go to the Attributes & Abilities tab for a character and make note of the STR_act and STR_actuse attributes, then change the STR_act attribute.  Close the sheet, reopen it, and see if the STR_actuse attribute has been updated.  If so, then the character sheet template itself is programmed to do that automatically. For an example, in D&D 5E the Strength Modifier is based on the Strength attribute.  A 10 strength would be a 0 strength_mod; a 12 strength would be a +1 strength_mod, etc.  So when you adjust a character's strength from 10 to 12, the sheet automatically adjusts the modifier from 0 to +1.
Custom sheet and you are correct. They are tied together - sheet worker changing _act updates _actuse. Can't believe I didn't think of that. It was a can't see the forest through the trees situation. Thanks!