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Help with AD&D2E sheets?

So I am ABSOLUTELY worthless when it comes to macros, I can't understand it. I want to add a few to my upcoming game, and I figure I could use some little help. So I found macros here:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> And the 2Eattack properties seems to work fine, but the 2Esave not so much. It only rolls saving throws vs spells, is there something I need to do to make it ask the player which save to roll for? I know I could technically copy/paste the same thing several times and switch out spells for, say, breath weapons, but that could clog up the macro window. So I figured I'd ask what to do... Also, in case it changes something, I use the simplified character sheet.
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Oh! Hey, that DOES change things since you use the Simplified AD&amp;D 2e character sheet. By the way I use that sheet too, in most 2e games. I prefer the simplicity. I'm in games that use the other, more Advanced sheet, for settings like Dark Sun, or other more detailed 2e games. It is indeed quite possible that some of those ROLL TEMPLATES might be (probably are) designed for the advanced 2e sheet, and would not work withn the simplified sheet. Note you can still make tons of useful Macros for the simplified sheet, but you just might not be able to use some of the "Roll Templates", so the formatting of the macro will be different but ultimately you should be able to accomplish the same rolls, play 2e the same. I'm not positive this is the answer, because I don't personally use Roll Templates very much, but I think this may be where the problem lies. An expert on the Simplified sheet is: Alex An expert on the Advanced sheet is: Peter B Someone who can probably help either way is: Vince They can all 3 be found in Roll20 forums, or if you ask me in a PM, i can give you a Discord chat room where Alex and Peter can be contacted (my 2E Tavern server).

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This one is my favorite, see if it works for you. I have it on the attributes page of each character sheet, but it will also work on a macro mule character sheet. Just designate it as a token action. /w @{selected|token_name} &amp;{template:2Edefault}{{name=@{selected|token_name} attempts a Saving Throw!}}{{[Paralyzation](! #SAVE-VS-PARALYZATION) [Poison](! #SAVE-VS-POISON) [Death](! #SAVE-VS-DEATH-MAGIC) [Rod](! #SAVE-VS-ROD) [Staff](! #SAVE-VS-STAFF) [Wand](! #SAVE-VS-WAND) [Petrification](! #SAVE-VS-PETRIFICATION) [Polymorph](! #SAVE-VS-POLYMORPH) [Breath Weapon](! #SAVE-VS-BREATH-WEAPON) [Spell](! #SAVE-VS-SPELL)}}{{desc=Saving Throw Notes: PPD: @{selected|parnotes} RSW: @{selected|rodnotes} Pet:@{selected|petnotes} Br: @{selected|breathnotes} Sp: @{selected|spnotes}}}{{[Item Saves](! &amp;#13;%&amp;#37;{Item Saving Throws|ITEM-SAVES})}} Then in the macro tab, add each save macro, for example for breath weapon: /w gm &amp;{template:2Esave}{{savevs=Breath Weapons}}{{character=@{selected|token_name}}}{{savetarget=[[@{selected|breathtar}]]}}{{saveroll=[[d20?{Please enter Situational Modifiers to the current Saving Throw Roll (including the mathematical operator)|+0}@{selected|breathmod}]]}} for death magic: /w gm &amp;{template:2Esave}{{savevs=Death}}{{character=@{selected|token_name}}}{{savetarget=[[@{selected|partar}]]}}{{saveroll=[[d20?{Please enter Situational Modifiers to the current Saving Throw Roll (including the mathematical operator)|+0}@{selected|parmod}]]}} notice you replace the savevs term and the modifiers (breathtar, partar, etc. AND breathmod, parmod etc. to catch all the modifiers from the sheet)