Hello all! Welcome to the weekly Friday Release notes! (There is probably a catchier name for this ... ) Below you will find the summary of  releases since last week -- April 5, 2022 Fixed a bug where creating and immediately deleting a Page from the Page Menu could potentially cause layout issues with the Page Menu. Fixed an issue where a player right next to a barrier could potentially cause peeking issues for light and vision through to the other side of the barrier. Fixed an issue where Players could potentially pass through Circles used as Dynamic Lighting barriers. Fixed an issue where Dynamic Lighting barriers didn't always block movement correctly after being rotated. April 4, 2022 New payment modal implemented for subscription purchases, including improved integration with PayPal As always, for any who wish to stay caught up on that latest of the latest, our  Change Log  is always updated as releases arrive! For eagle eyed readers you may have spotted a hidden surprise in these here notes  ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ See you next Friday!