Hello all! Welcome to the weekly  Fur -da-- whoops! I mean Friday Release notes! We've had some exciting releases this week for sure! Including the release of a much requested feature:  One-Way Dynamic Lighting Barriers ! There is more on the way soon (such as Windows and Doors!) so keep your eyes peeled (especially for the baddies on the cliff)!  If you would like to provide feedback on the release of one-way barriers you can do so via our product portal! Simply select an importance level, provide your feedback and email address, and it will go directly to the team working on this feature! One-Way Barriers Feedback And that's not all! This week the mobile app saw the addition of expanded compendium search options for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition! If you are hanging out in the mobile app, you will now be able to search all books that you own on Roll20 within the mobile app! Below you will find the summary of  releases since last week -- April 15, 2022 Fixed even more issues that could cause peeking beyond Dynamic Lighting Barriers April 13, 2022 Mobile App Release Search all the D&D books you own on Roll20 now with our expanded 5E compendium search! VTT Release One-Way Dynamic Lighting Barriers - When on the Dynamic Lighting Layer, GMs can select a new barrier type of One Way. One Way barriers block light and vision from one side of the line but let it pass through the other side Grant vision to tokens on higher ground Let players see an object (like a pillar or bush) while blocking vision behind the object Better support for Interrogation Room scenes Includes API accommodations for one-way barriers Paths drawn with the Polygon and Draw Shape tools can now close fully April 11, 2022 Brazilian Portuguese Translations now available on the Why Subscribe page April 7, 2022  (Seems this slipped through the radar last week!) Fixed a bug where French users were unable to delete their game or chat As always, for any who wish to stay caught up on that latest of the latest, our  Change Log  is always updated as releases arrive! For the most perceptive among you, I have left yet another hidden surprise within these notes!  ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ I won't continue these hints for much longer, you will simply have to be on the look out! See you next Friday!