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Gateway error accessing fate worlds celebration bundle.

Hello im having issues accessing the fate worlds celebration link:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I have tried from different angles and web browsers and I get the same error.&nbsp; It says error reference #504 Host error. I want to buy the bundle.&nbsp; I have no issue accessing the other bundles or purchasing them, so it is baffling why I can't go into this one.&nbsp; Please help.

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Strange... I can access it and could potentially buy it (if I wanted to)... just tested it with the link provided...
I tried today at a friends house computer and get the same error. &nbsp;As i said in the og post, is really weird because I can access and buy the other bundles just not that one which is a bummer.
So, I still can't access it but I think I made the problem worst. I was able to add the bundle to my wish list from the page is listed. Now I cant open my wish list either... Whatever it is directly tied to that bundle. I also tried thru a VPN trying different countries and stuff just in case, but I was not able to access it either.
This is what I get to see after a comparably long loading time...
Yeah, I don't get there as soon as I hit the link it tries to load for a long time then it goes to the host error screen.&nbsp; Once, I was able to add it to the wish list on one of the bundle pages but there was no buy button.&nbsp; Once I added it to my wishlist that wishlist became inaccessible.&nbsp; This is what I see.&nbsp;
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Hmm. Have you tried a private browsing window?
Just tried and I get the same error.&nbsp;