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TurnMarker & GroupInitiative

I've been using GroupInitiative v0.9.36 for a while and I recently installed TurnMarker v1.3.12. I noticed that now after I call group-init --clear the turn tracker does not seem to function, it will close the turn tracker but if I reopen it, all of the turns from the prior combat still appear.  This seems to be a rendering issue since if I try to rotate through the turn order nothing happens. That is, it seems that logically the turn order has been cleared, but the tracker renders its last state. If I remove uninstall TurnMarker group-init --clear works as expected. Thoughts? 
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Are you using the versions from the 1-click?

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David M.
API Scripter
Yeah, I've noticed that behavior sometimes as well ( EDIT:  1-click GroupInitiative, not using TurnTracker). Haven't spent the time to figure out the exact repro steps, though, because sometimes it works for me and other times not, and I never think of it when I'm not in the middle of a session. Maybe when on a different map or something? Does clearing it when on the original battle map work? Think it started happening when the Devs pushed out the recent turn tracker update. 

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I am using the versions from the 1-click, yes.  David: I only tested while on the original battle map. So I'm on a battle map, group-init to add to the initiative tracker --> group-init --clear -->  group-init --toggle-turnorder. Tracker opens with the last rendered state.   [UPDATE] The turn tracker seems to render properly (i.e. empty) if it is cleared on one map and then re-opened on a new map. It almost seems like a cacheing issue of some kind.