Haunted West is now available on the Roll20 Marketplace! The Old West—The Wild West, The American Frontier— ...is one of the world’s most familiar modern myths. The time was draped in ruggedness; there was an idealized dream of freedom, and a notion that just one person could shape the world. That myth belongs to all of us. Yet so many stories of truth, justice, and the American Way have been stolen, erased, and never recorded. Haunted West is a game about hope through struggle. It is a game that pieces together the stories of the largely forgotten people of the Old West, the people who have been whitewashed by history. Discover the American experience in the Weird West. “I didn’t expect an independent company to produce an eight-hundred-page masterpiece of history, setting and game mechanics that marshal so many people’s talents.” - Game Industry News Haunted West blends Western stories with the supernatural, the otherworldly, and extraterrestrial; in other words, the Weird. Weird West stories often evoke wonder or horror. They can be cinematic and epic, or gritty and almost real. The stakes can be personal or global, with Paragons (our protagonists) racing toward the end of their quest, the end of the world, or both. In Haunted West you'll get all book assets and information fully integrated for the VTT! All 60+ statblocks with statistics in the compendium and filled-in character sheets in the addon that you can easily add to any of you Haunted West games 350+ items, from weapons like a .32 Remington, to mythological like the Philosopher's Stone; available in the compendium 5 world maps complete with GM-only information Over 100 rollable tables and macros to help generate characters, settlements, and NPCs 500+ Token and Art Pack ready to enhance your next Haunted West experience 3 scenarios are included in an addon; The Hidden Science is a metaplot that works alongside your home game set in Haunted West: Reconstruction. The Haunted Gun is the skeleton of a ballad that can be implemented as a series of side events in your game. Night of the Aerostat is a full, short-length introductory Bag of Nails with everything you need to run. Also launching alongside the Core Rulebook for Haunted West are a number of additional adventures, a setting guide, and pre-generated characters. One Was Found Sun's Refrain Home is the Hangman Prosperity, Are You Going My Way? Balladeer Toolkit & the Clockwork City Haunted West Pregenerated Characters