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GM or Player looking for a group D&D 5e or MM

I have more fun playing as a GM but I rather play with a group that know each other. As a player I tend to simply enjoy any type of game. Right now pretty chill and just looking around. Nothing serious
How big a group would you want for 5e? How open are you to new players? How much experience do you have yourself? Time and days free?
Time permitting I would like to play! 🙂
4 players if they are new/don't know each other. If a group of 5-6 really know each other and play well. Then that is fine as well. I don't mind new players. I have 10 years of playing DND and over 1k hours of gm play on roll20. My free to play games are more chill and relaxed. I test things and experiment more.
Hey, I’ve been looking for a D&D 5E group for a couple years now, but there aren’t many Adventurers Leagues where I’m at. I’m sure you know how difficult it is to find an in-person group as well. Just started seeking out a group since I’ll be done with courses soon and will have the time to devote to my character, quest, and party. I’m in CST and have both Zoom and Discord. Prefer to be a player so I can get a better handle on the mechanics, but have been working on my own New Orleans-themed campaign to run once I’ve had the chance to play.  I’ve had the opportunity to participate in two campaigns although they both imploded for one reason or another. In the first I played an elf rogue, but I was bad at it. I then played (Star Wars) a Kel Dorian noble, which I was really good at, cause I’ve got a handle on being entitled and pretentious lol.  Hope to hear back, but if you’re full, I understand and wish you the best of adventures. Shadow/Brynn