We are excited to share that Roll20 and OneBookShelf are joining forces. Roll20 is the world’s most popular virtual tabletop platform for roleplaying games, providing a digital space for over 10 million users to play TTRPGs daily. OneBookShelf manages eleven ecommerce marketplaces, most notably DriveThruRPG and Dungeon Masters Guild , and is the premiere online vendor for the TTRPG industry. The partnership will empower GMs and players alike in the coming months: Access to nearly any tabletop game across OneBookShelf marketplaces and the Roll20 virtual tabletop Roll20 PDF support, so you can upload and play immediately using any PDF in the VTT Integrated OneBookShelf and Roll20 libraries (without affecting your Roll20 storage quotas) For more details about this announcement and future goals, please read our blog post ! We look forward to building innovative digital tools to empower your best possible tabletop gaming experience.