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[PAID][Star Wars][EST] Seeking Storytelling GM for Original, Long Term Star Wars Story


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Hello all, Unusual request inbound, a good one for fans of acting and Star Wars! I've been absent for quite a long while as a professional GM, dealing with some serious real life issues. I'm here at the moment, however, as a player! Indeed, any GM interested in taking up a Star Wars storyline I've long wanted to play out and make it their own, I'd love to talk. This would be a one on one saga, player and GM, though I might like to stream our sessions if permitted. My channel serves to entertain and showcase accessible gaming to disabled and chronically ill gamers, and the Tabletop Sessions segment has always been popular! You'd have to be inclined to bring out your voice acting chops for that, as you'll have the privilege of portraying some bigtime characters. If you'd rather not stream the game, it's fine and won't hurt your chances! So, what's the task? A potentially alternate Star Wars history tale, shaped as we play it out. You'd have to take under your storyteller's wing my character, a Jedi Knight of unusual promise, in the twilight days of the Old Republic. This character will face challenges as yet another pressed into service during the thick of the Clone Wars, but if they find success as a new Jedi General, their accolades will draw the notice of many. Among them, as is always true of Force Users of note, would be none other than the Supreme Chancellor. He had long prepared a certain Jedi for apprenticeship, but what if there was an unexpected, alternative choice? What if this other Jedi could similarly be befriended, brought to his side, coaxed into betrayal? What if he were to refuse? Would he survive that encounter, and the terrible order to follow? The above is the general idea. We'll have our stories during the end days of the Clone Wars, and if the success is there, the fun arises: a potential alternate history, with events thereafter entirely in your hands to shape (along with my choices during games). Might this character remain a true Jedi, perhaps even becoming a Jedi Master prior to Order 66, and survive the genocide loyal to the Light? Or, could Anakin Skywalker's destiny be cut short as Palpatine takes interest in this potentially superior choice for the next Dark Lord? What sort of reign might follow in the absence of Darth Vader, with the Emperor now commanding an apprentice complete in form yet different in psyche? This is obviously a story which is more or less a personal one, which is why I propose one on one with streaming versus having a party of other players. I don't want others to feel like they exist in my shadow when they'd also be paying, so probably best to keep any companions NPCs in a story which revolves around one PC, in my opinion! RULES: My favorite Star Wars systems are Star Wars D6, Star Wars D20, and Star Wars SAGA (probably the lead favorite). I am not much fond of more modern choices. PRICE: Contact me, tell me your price for this campaign, and I'll tell you if I can afford it. Simple as that! I realize most games are set for four-five+ people, but I'm sure something can be worked out! :) Payment would be by Verified PayPal, per session or possibly monthly depending on your price. I do not have any vision for an end point to this game; I love long, epic sagas and our tale could stretch on for months to years. TIMES & CONTACT: I am in the EST time zone and prefer to play no earlier than 3pm EST or end no later than 10-11pm EST. Interested? Please, contact me at your leisure via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 or private message here - Discord is likelier to get an immediate reply within the above hours.
Still seeking a GM for this opportunity, please feel free to reach out! Thanks!
Continuing to search for a GM for this unique, long term epic! Please reach me via private message here, or by Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 Thanks!
And a bump up! Still seeking!
Bumping it up! Interested GMs, I'm around! :)
Bump! Still on the search! If you love the idea of acting out the big figures in Star Wars, telling an ongoing story, and seeing how things play out according to an engaging story? This is for you! Drop me a line. :)
Hey Legacy Ark Games, I believe I'd be able to provide you with the service you are requesting, and I'd like to talk to you more privately about your expectations. I could not find your discord, and the Roll20 captcha test seems to be broken at the moment, it is stopping me from sending you a message. If you could please message me when you get this we can go from there. I look forward to talking.
It turns out that Zach and I weren't quite a match for the game, so if anyone else should happen to be interested, please feel at liberty to drop a line! Probably my last invite to do so on this story idea, though.

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Bump! I should be around for another three or four hours tonight, should any potential GMs wish to discuss this unique opportunity. Please note, as it was a point of concern alleviated when speaking to a potential GM, that this being a single player game does not mean I am opposed to an NPC party which I'll control until and if you feel you should control them on story grounds. So, encounters can be easily balanced as if you had a full group! Don't worry about it being just me; there is a tabletop series on my YT channel with just a GM and myself plus NPC companions, and it was actually a beautifully done and played adventure. Looking forward to your DMs. :)
Bump for interest, still seeking a GM! Probably my last attempt on this one! Thanks, all.
Okay, I lied, one last bump. That's it, though! After this, I'm leaving hiatus and returning to professional GMing (family health issues, plus giving my site/YouTube/resources a facelift), so now's the time to grab this opportunity if you want to run an epic story to be shared with a good cause!